Cruz Energy selling top-notch equipment lineup at July 30th auction

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Heavy haul trucks and cranes for sale at Ritchie Bros.

Dickinson, ND event features cranes, heavy haul equipment and more.

When oilfield companies needed drilling rigs disassembled, moved, and reassembled, they could always count on Cruz Energy Services for their heavy hauling and crane services. Operating in the Bakken region of North Dakota and Montana, the company’s reputation for getting the job done right, and on time, was well-known. In the oil industry, time is money, something Cruz Energy understood completely, with oil companies relying on them to keep their operations rolling.

“They (Cruz’s oilfield customers) need to get these rigs moved and drilling. If we have equipment break down, and a rig cannot get moved and reassembled, everything comes to a stop. We had a reputation for being able to get there and get the work done with minimal downtime,” said Grant Smith, President, Cruz Energy Services.

And maintaining that reputation meant maintaining equipment to the highest level. On July 30, Cruz will be selling more than 400 equipment items in an online auction in Dickinson, ND, including cranes, bed trucks, winch trucks, heavy haul trailers, and much more. This is an opportunity for buyers to purchase some top-notch equipment.

Heavy haul trucks and cranes for sale at Ritchie Bros.

Pride of ownership and a maintenance program to match.

“Our equipment just didn’t break down. The reason for that was our strong emphasis on a preventative maintenance program throughout the history of this company. Also, any time anything received any sort of damage or was in need of repair, we repaired it immediately with factory parts. We didn’t do after-market parts,” said Grant.

Greg Hunt, Maintenance Manager for Cruz Energy added, “Even if equipment had a bad fender, a bad rim, a broken headlight – it got replaced. Our stuff was always kept clean and very well-maintained. People look at our equipment and can’t believe that some of it’s five, six years old because of how well it’s been maintained both internally and externally.”

Heavy haul trucks and cranes for sale at Ritchie Bros.

A few highlights of equipment to be sold include:

Heavy haul trucks and cranes for sale at Ritchie Bros.

“We have parts for all our equipment, from our loaders to our trailers to our trucks, along with the maintenance records. We also have all the binders, chains, and tires as well as full rigging for our cranes, all placed on pallets to buy as needed. You could buy a crane, a rigging truck and all the rigging right here. We’re a one-stop shop if you’re looking to start a crane or heavy haul company,” said Grant.

Grant and the team at Cruz have had great success selling through Ritchie Bros. over the years, although only a few pieces of equipment at a time. When asked why they chose Ritchie Bros. for their large dispersal auction, Grant and Greg both answered: “Easy to work with, extensive buyer reach, and the local reps are all friendly, good guys.”

See the full inventory selling at our Dickinson, ND auction on July 30 and register to bid online.

Register to bid online

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