Hammers Selling Assets From 43-Year Gravel Supplies Business'

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Hammer Gravel Supplies Part of Massive Edmonton Auction May 3

Hammers' Gravel Supplies Ltd. Part of Massive Edmonton Auction May 3

Richard Hammer and his wife Penny have been in the aggregate and hauling business for 43 years, and they say the time has come to begin the next phase of life. It’s a big decision that comes with mixed emotions, as it means saying goodbye to a business that they put their heart and soul into.

“The timing was right,” said Richard. “We have interests. We both love to golf, travel, old cars – we have no problem entertaining ourselves.”

“We appreciate our long-term staff and customers,” added Penny. “But it’s just time. We’re both healthy, happy and thankful.”

The Hammers chose Ritchie Bros. to help disperse the majority of their business’s assets in the upcoming May 3-7 Edmonton auction, where Richard is no stranger. He’s attended many Edmonton auctions in the past and knows the events bring multiple industries and sectors together looking for the best equipment.

“Ritchie Bros. in Edmonton has been a big part of my life,” said Richard. “You met all the salesmen and all the gravel crushing salesman; everyone went there. And it was nice seeing your customers and competition. Lots of times I went to the sale and only purchased a hamburger.

“What I’ve noticed over the years is that what equipment is worth is usually what it brings at a Ritchie sale. Junk sold cheap; good stuff sold high. Hopefully ours is on the higher side. We have kept the maintenance up, and our equipment is top notch.”

Hammers' Gravel Supplies Ltd. will have over 40 pieces available, including wheel loaders, crushers, screening plants, dump trucks, trailers, conveyors, and more. The Hydrocone crusher is in excellent shape, says Richard. In fact, he had it inspected and was told it was one of the best in terms of quality condition. Richard is also proud of a 1990 John Deere wheel loader that served him well over its many years.

“I bought this 744E John Deere wheel loader brand new in 1990, and I’m sad to see that one go,” he said. “It was in excellent shape. The rear tires are original and in great shape with tread left. We re-did the engine too.”

Crusher selling at Ritchie Bros. Edmonton auction

Wheel loader selling at Ritchie Bros. Edmonton auction

Choosing Ritchie Bros. to Reach More Customers

One of the reasons Richard chose Ritchie Bros. was the unmatched access to buyers outside his local market. Even if Alberta’s economy is hitting a speedbump, Ritchie Bros. can help the Hammers find buyers in regions where the economy might be more robust.

“If I tried selling privately, some would go fast, while some might sit for a while. It could be a headache and time consuming. But with Ritchie, it will all sell and you can find markets that are doing relatively good, or better than Alberta.”

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