How Rouse Sales can help your business power up its equipment selling

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Rouse Sales offers data and selling solutions to the heavy equipment industry.

Make better business decisions with the most accurate and reliable market data.

Since joining the Ritchie Bros. family of companies earlier this year, Rouse Services has been adding huge value for our customers with their asset appraisals and unmatched equipment pricing data. Rouse’s expertise and years of experience helps sellers achieve the financial potential of their assets through the disposition process.

Rouse offers two products to make your equipment disposition not only easier and more efficient, but ultimately more profitable. Here’s an overview of what Rouse Services can provide you with.

Used Equipment Valuation and Pricing

Before you sell anything, you need to know what it’s worth on the current market, and how to optimally price it so that it sells in a reasonable timeframe, and nets you the returns you’re looking for. That’s where Rouse’s Used Equipment Valuation and Pricing product comes in.

This product can tell you what your equipment is worth based on thousands of real-world sales transactions – retail, wholesale, and auction – on thousands of machines. Your sales will be data-driven and your prices are based on accurate, real-world equipment values, not on list prices or limited research,. It also shows you how equipment values are changing in the market; helps you price equipment efficiently (to help move your inventory); and shows you how your sales results are measuring up.

Rouse Sales offers data and selling solutions to the heavy equipment industry.

Customers can precisely determine the retail value, wholesale value, and auction value of approximately 70,000 different pieces of heavy equipment. Rouse provides an accurate, current picture of how each market is performing at any given time so you can make the right decision on where and when to sell, and what price point you should be driving. Pricing accuracy can be drilled down to machine specifics such as make & model, meter hours, attachments, geographic market location and more.

Used Equipment Sales and Remarketing

Rouse’s Used Equipment Sales and Remarketing product is a comprehensive digital toolkit that makes it easy to manage your remarketing process and improve your sales efficiency and velocity. This product allows you to easily create your own customized digital storefront with Rouse’s mobile-friendly white label websites. You can easily upload and manage photos and details for every machine in your fleet, and any updates are automatically pushed live to all your marketing channels, so your online inventory is always up to date.

You can also build customized equipment quotes to share with prospects and buyers, and the real-time CRM Integration allows you to sync your website leads and used equipment quotes directly to your CRM system, so you can better manage your sales prospects and customer data.

For more information on Rouse Sales products and how you can leverage them to your business’s advantage, contact Rouse Services today.

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