Labor shortages causes disruption in construction, transportation

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Demand for workers soars as industries struggle to fill employment gap.

Help wanted signs are springing up across many industries – transportation, construction, manufacturing – and it’s creating disruption as businesses scramble to find suitable labor. The shortage of workers is attributable to multiple factors, though there seems to be a consensus that pandemic-related benefits have given workers reason to reconsider their employment situation.

For example, truck drivers are beginning to show a preference for jobs that provide greater work-life balance, meaning long hours on the road are less preferable than a job in manufacturing or construction. According to Yahoo! Finance, major trucking company, U.S. Xpress, has increased their total pay 30% to 35% over the last 12 months in an effort to lure back drivers.

The construction industry is facing similar shocks to the system. Contractors are facing project delays because of workforce constraints, partially due to a lack of qualified candidates and partially due to pandemic-related support benefits, according to a survey by the Associated General Contractors of America. The group says 6 in 10 contractors surveyed said their projects are being delayed due to work shortages.

Here’s a round-up of news stories that touch on this labor shortage topic.

Caterpillar CEO Says Worker Shortage Adds to Supply-Chain Snags

Caterpillar Inc. CEO Jim Umpleby says his company is facing supply issues due labor shortages. The equipment manufacturing giant is having a tough time getting the materials it needs to produce its products, according to Bloomberg. Umpleby says the labor constraint affecting suppliers is adding to its pre-existing supply chain issues due to the global chip shortage.

Fleet managers seek out foreign truck drivers

Fleet managers are calling for the easing of government restrictions on foreign operators in order to fill the current labor shortage gap. According to Financial Times, smaller trucking companies are asking to the US government to loosen or hasten visa approvals to alleviate strained supply networks.

Construction industry seeks to recruit more women amid chronic labor shortage

About 700 tradeswomen are participating in a discussion designed to help them navigate persistent bias and harassment on construction sites. According to a story from Associated Press, industry leaders are fighting to change work culture in the hopes of recruiting more women into the construction sector that faces chronic labor shortages.

US Chamber of Commerce

According to a third quarter report from the US Chamber of Commerce, almost all contractors reported some level of difficulty finding skilled workers. In Q3, however, it was 55% high levels of difficulty—a jump of 10 percentage points from Q2.

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jquizz on 10월 05, 2021 said
This is what I started telling people that are complaining they can't find good help:

" Well yeah you don't want to F-in Pay....
You don't want to pay more, the gas station down the street doesn't want to pay more, the warehouses in town don't want to pay more! Nobody Does it seems like. You'd rather buy ANOTHER boat, upgrade your cabin again, and didn't you get another new side by side last week? Huh, Weird... idk either people should be pounding down the door to come work here for $15-$22 an hour, they must just be too lazy. So don't tell me we can't find anybody I don't want to hear it nor believe it."

The crazy thing is none of the owners or people I say it to deny it.
lionkingz66 on 10월 06, 2021 said
I agree completely jquizz.
Will add this though.
Their efforts to attract people to skilled industrial labor will fail because the population has been indoctrinated with the idea that trades are careers for losers. So no one wants to do it.
If the pay is equivalent to the skill requirements and demand level , you’ll have people willing to do the job. Otherwise no.
And I have had numerous bosses / company owners over the last ten years that were ALWAYS late in paying me and some didn’t pay me what they contracted to pay me. Yet they all seemed to have money to go buy and new boat or take their BMW M5 sport sedan to the detailing shop.
I say, if you any reasonable level of skills, and a brain, go into business for yourself and these businesses that refuse to pay what the job is worth, tell them to pound sand.
ne..larry on 10월 06, 2021 said
Hey! I have a great idea. Lets mandate that workers get a COVID vaccine or get terminated from their job even if they have nature antibodies. This should help with the labor shortage. Just think if just 3% of truckers give their boss the middle finger. This will help with supply chain issues....
johnk7676 on 10월 18, 2021 said
Or even better, let's wait until payday for them to find out that suddenly, we quit paying for overtime hours, after they already worked them, or start changing their schedule the day before they were to start, to a night shift,so they now have to re-arrange childcare. Or cut their hours, so they lose their benefits, or put them on a rotating shift to play havoc with their family life. Better yet, give them a pay cut because the company is in trouble, but all the managers get their bonuses for their increased sales and production. There's a hundred reasons a person will leave a company, and there is basically only one a person will stay, and that is you don't EVER lie to them. They are old enough to get jobs, that means they are adults. Treat them as such. They are not stupid. They didn't deserve the raise this year, tell them, and the reason why, and how they can improve. Put on swing shift? Tell them why. Is it for disciplinary reasons, to cover for a person who is sick, to learn new skills? We can handle the truth. Cut our hours. Fine. Put me on a regular schedule so I can find another part-time job to fill the gap. Don't want to pay overtime? Don't expect me to work it. But just don't lie about the work and our work habits, and then complain you can't find workers. Fix your company, and I'm sure you will haveno trouble finding workers to fill those spots.