Testimonial: Glen Dagg’s equipment dispersal smashes expectations.

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Glen Dagg of Dagg Construction Ltd. sold equipment through Ritchie Bros.

An introduction to selling with Ritchie Bros. – honesty, integrity and fairness

As the owner of a construction company who frequently buys equipment, Glen Dagg was no stranger to Ritchie Bros. unreserved auctions. He attended live auctions in Edmonton, Saskatchewan, and followed auctions online using a free account to either buy equipment or learn market value for construction equipment. But being on the other side, selling as part of a full dispersal, that was a new experience.

After an important contract fell through, Glen needed to sell equipment, so he contacted Ritchie Bros. to explore his options for asset management and dispersal. He met with territory manager Dan Ferderer and sales manager Luke Fritshaw.

“The two guys who set this up, Dan and Luke, we discussed the pros and cons, and at no point did either one of them bash the local competition. That shows true class” he said. “Instead it was: ‘here’s who we are and this is what we offer – you choose what’s better for you.’”

The selling experience and the Saskatoon auction.

Dagg’s dispersal took place at our Saskatoon yard during a live public auction on October 18, 2016, but as with every auction, the preparations began weeks, even months, before. This usually involves loading equipment into the yard and working with Ritchie Bros. staff on site to handle logistics.

Dagg said he was truly impressed by the friendly customer service he experienced at the Saskatoon yard.

“Every one of them went over and above what I truly expected,” said Dagg. “I didn’t know the yard guys, but after they knew us and they were happy to see us. They were more than helpful, and that means an awful lot to my guys, my employees, just to remember you and be friendly. In a big company you don’t see that very often. Virtually every yard guy that helped, came to me and said something, they recognized us and acknowledged us.

“The Saskatoon yard need to hear that because it did not go unnoticed.”

Ritchie Bros. auctioneers hard at work in Saskatoon
Auctioneers in action in 2015 at the Ritchie Bros. yard in Saskatoon

The results – getting above expectation

After the last lot sold and all the sales receipts tallied, Glen reflected on his decision to sell his assets with Ritchie Bros.

“We got far and above the results we were hoping for,” said Dagg. “They exceeded expectations in excess for $400,000 (Cdn dollars). It was really, really good."

“The ability to reach beyond the local markets is important, and with the internet that’s achievable. Ritchie has a name worldwide and there were people watching and that drives the price.”

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