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편리한 입찰 옵션

원하시는 입찰 방법을 선택하십시오.

Sandeep Garg - Punj Lloyd Limited (New Delhi, India)

The selection of equipment is incredible, the pace of the auction is fast, and the whole process is very fair and efficient.

Punj Lloyd Limited, India's second-largest engineering construction firm, buys millions of dollars of equipment every year. Faced with a shortage in the local market, Punj Lloyd's President of Plant and Equipment, Sandeep Garg, turned to Ritchie Bros.' worldwide auctions.

Navneet Mathur - Worldwide Machinery Solutions (Ajmer, India)

I don't think we have been treated any less than platinum by Ritchie Bros. so far!

Navneet Mathur sells more than US$20 million of new and used equipment every year through his Vermeer dealership in India. When he's looking for used equipment, Navneet trusts one source above all: a Ritchie Bros. auction.

편리한 입찰 옵션

In person at the auction site

Anyone can register and bid in person at our live auctions.

Bidding online in real time

Bid online at any Ritchie Bros. auction around the world.

By proxy bid

Place a proxy bid if you want to bid on two items being sold around the same.

In a Timed Auction

Check our website, the auction brochure or your auction day listing catalog to find out if items are being sold by Timed Auction.